The Baptistry

Because of its position opposite the South West Porch, the Baptistry immediately meets the eye of the visitor. It is possibly for this reason that Horbury Hunt positioned it there with extremely successful results. The Baptistry is elevated two steps about the floor of the Nave and the marble floor was installed in 1902 and was a splendid gift from the Women’s Guild.

The Font itself was given by Mrs Fuller as a Memorial to her family and is a magnificent structure designed and made in England by W D Caroe. It is made of white statuary marble, red Verona marble and the canopy is English Oak carved in the medieval tradition and, at the request of Mrs Fuller, designed to be remini- scent of the Lantern Tower of Ely Cathedral. The Font cover was restored in 1996 as a result of a gift by the Newcastle Business Club.

The windows in the Baptistry are associated with the Sacrament of Baptism and depict Noah and the Annunciation, Moses and the Nativity, Isaiah’s Prophecy and the Presentation of Our Lord at the Temple, St John the Baptist and the Holy Family, Our Lord, St Stephen and Jesus in the Temple, St Phillip preaching to the Ethiopians and the Baptism of Christ. The window last mentioned is particularly important as it is a memorial to George Augustus Middleton, first clergyman appointed north of the Hawkesbury River and incumbent at Christ Church from 1820- 1827. He was a Colonial Chaplain appointed by King George III. The Paschal Candle, a symbol of the Risen Christ, stands nearby.