The Chancel

The Chancel contains the Choir Stalls, the Canons’ Stalls, the Angels’ Gallery, the Dean’s Stall and the Canon Residentiary’s Stall. But, most importantly, it contains the Cathedra, the Bishop’s Throne, from which the building takes its name. The Cathedra is particularly beautiful and was designed by W D Caroe who designed the Font in the Baptistry. It is again made of English Oak and is heavily carved. The canopy is more recent than the Chair and is the only part of the work to have been carved.

From the Chancel there is a splendid view of the Nave and of the great west Rose Window which is a Memorial to Mr Hudson Berkeley. The window, which is 6.1 metres across, depicts the Annunciation in the central quatrefoil around which are 16 lancet headed lights containing Saints and their emblems. The window is surrounded by beautifully carved freestone which bears the inscription –

0 sing unto the Lord a new song
Let the congregation of Saints praise Him.

The surrounding Saints from the top are Saints Peter, Paul, jerome, Gregory, Athanasius, John Chrysostom, Stephen, Alban, Patrick, Columba, Augustine, Aidan, Chad, The Venerable Bede, Francis and Hugh.