Christ Church Cathedral Parish Healing Team

Announcing Creation of the

Christ Church Cathedral Parish Healing Team

Sunday 9 October 2016 7am, 8am & 9.30am

Canon Julia Perry (coordinator)

The Cathedral parish is deep in distress about the matters of the Royal Commission and the complex layers of concerns which are there over many many years. The distress and the publicity have severely impacted the parish and our ability to have a mission into the community with any much integrity

Last week the parish received the feedback results from the Cathedral Parish meeting held at Horbury Hunt Hall on 11th September 2016. One of the recommendations – from the folk present was for the establishment of a Parish healing team.

This has been set up.

The team’s task is to be aid, guide, and assist the parish in “Truth telling, Justice seeking, Grace giving, and peace making”.(quoting from 11 Sept mtg)

The very new group is still very much gathering itself to the task it’s accepted. There will be some channels of proactive work – and of course reactive as people respond and to the myriad of emotions which all of this raises. The team will be working with the very experienced assistance of Gill Fletcher who was with us on the 11th September and who has worked with the Cathedral in several formats. The extensive work that Tim Dyer opened to us on that same day will be an excellent resource.

The most important thing to reflect upon as you consider how you’ll engage with the team is that every one of the team counts the Cathedral as their home parish. Every single person on the healing team is hurting too.

We have been with the community of faith here – some for decades – some for generations! Team members come from Choir, bookshop, community lunches, prayer group, rosters, past Cathedral councils and many other ministries.

There is every presumption that we are in this together – and that in God and prayer and action we will move together to a healthy place where everyone – including our Bishops, will know and experience the genuine welcome and hospitality of this magnificent place of worship.

We have a mission as Christians to spread the good news – and we need to be honest, truthful, grace-giving and repenting to be good news to each other too.

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