Help find Australia’s most Fairtrade friendly supermarket

Fairtrade Australia has launched the Checkout Fairtrade campaign. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the range of Fairtrade products available in Australian supermarkets and to encourage supporters to ask their local supermarket or retailer to stock more Fairtrade friendly products. Fairtrade Australia seeks support from our cathedral community to promote the campaign and encourages us to fill out a postcard or a form online listing the number of Fairtrade labelled coffee, tea, chocolate and nut products they can find in their local supermarket. All entries will be in the running to win prizes if they answer a question on how they think Australian supermarkets can become more Fairtrade friendly. The campaign runs until Sunday 10 October. Contact Rosemary Barnard (4929 4001) for details. Postcards are available at the back of the Cathedral.