Preaching at our evening services during Lent will be themed around baptism and around the ‘I am’ sayings of Jesus in John’s gospel, and we have five visiting preachers who will share with us during these weeks.

The readings and Preachers for Evening Prayer are:
Lent 1 (9 March) – John 6:25-40 Bread of Life
Archdeacon Sonia Roulston
Lent 2 (16 March) – John 8:12-20 Light of the World
Canon David Battrick
Lent 3 (23 March) – John 10:1-18 Door/Good Shepherd
Canon Katherine Bowyer
Lent 4 (30 March) – John 11:17-27 Resurrection/Life
Canon David Battrick
Lent 5 (6 April) – John 14:1-7 Way, Truth, Life
Rev’d Murray Woolnough
Passion Sunday of the Palms (13 April) – John 15:1-17 True Vine
Bishop Peter