Choral Scholarship Rules and Conditions

Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle Foundation Ltd

Conditions of the choral scholarship

The scholarship recipient will receive:

  1. the scholarship amount, paid in quarterly instalments
  2. opportunities to develop aural awareness, sight-singing and general musicianship as a member of the Cathedral Choir
  3. practical experience in working as a member of a highly trained musical ensemble
  4. opportunities to develop leadership skills by assisting with the Youth Chorale and St Nicholas Choir
  5. opportunities to develop a repertoire within the Cathedral Choir and smaller ensemble work
  6. opportunities to perform in concerts and tours with the Cathedral Choir
  7. adhoc opportunities for development of personal music abilities
  8. adhoc opportunities for the development of personal administrative skills

A choir scholarship recipient will be expected to:

  1. assist the Choir Master in musical duties as required
  2. assist the Choir Master in administrative functions as required

Award Process

  1. The Choral Scholarship will be advertised to the public in relevant publications, digital media and social media.
  2. The Choral Scholarship will be for the period of one academic year.
  3. The Choral Scholarship may be extended, for suitable candidates, at the sole discretion of the Christ Church Newcastle Foundation.
  4. Applicants will audition for and be interviewed by the Audition Panel.
  5. The Audition Panel will comprise the Cathedral Organist, the Cathedral Choir Master and the Dean of the Cathedral.
  6. Applicants will be assessed on ability, aptitude and attitude.

Scholarship Rules

  1. Applicants must complete an Application Form.
  2. Applicants will be interviewed by and audition for the Audition Panel.
  3. Applicants must make themselves available for the dates of the auditions.
  4. The scholarship auditions will be held at the Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle.
  5. Scholarships will be paid in quarterly instalments.
  6. Scholarships may be suspended if the scholarship recipient does not fulfil the duties outlined above.
  7. The scholarships are open to the public.
  8. Applicants must have an appropriate music qualification and be studying at a secondary or tertiary institution.
  9. Late applications will not be processed.
  10. In cases where applicants do not meet the standard required, the scholarship will not be offered.
  11. The decision of the scholarship panel is final.
  12. Only the candidate will be allowed in the audition room.
  13. Should the candidate arrive late they will forfeit the audition.
  14. The audition panel reserves the right to ask a candidates music teacher to provide a reference for the applicant.
  15. Staff and family of staff members of the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle are eligible to enter.
  16. Successful applicants will be informed in writing.
  17. Successful applicants must give priority at all times to attendance and punctuality at scheduled lessons and notify the teacher where attendance is genuinely impossible.
  18. The Christ Church Newcastle Foundation reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship at any time should these scholarship rules and conditions not be met.