Giving to the cathedral by EFT

Congratulations Your decision to adopt Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) giving means that you, and the cathedral, can benefit from the latest in technology. The joy to you is knowing that your gifts will be received, even on those occasions when you are unable to attend a service.
The cathedral benefits also. Not only does EFT giving make it easier to plan and achieve Budget targets. But, in addition, the labour required for counting money and taking it manually to the bank for deposit is eliminated.
In short, the outcome is a WIN, WIN, WIN.
You, the parishioner wins. The cathedral wins.  And, most importantly, God’s Kingdom is expanded.
Can one wish for a better outcome?
Having decided how much you wish to give and the frequency of your giving, you will need to approach the Financial Institution where your account is held.
You will be asked to provide the following Cathedral banking details;
Account Name   Christ Church Cathedral Fund Raising Account
Bank                    Westpac – Newcastle Hunter Street Branch
BSB                     032 – 501
Account No.        134556 
Once your new regular payment  is established, congratulate yourself once again on your wise decision. Most importantly, you will no longer require offering envelopes. If you wish to place a token in the plate, please ask for a set of out of date envelopes: you are welcome to use one of these to place in the plate as a symbol of your giving.
If you wish to give additional amounts at any time your Financial Institution will show you how to achieve this outcome with Internet Banking.
In the meantime, Continue to enjoy ……………………..GREAT SUCCESS
Barry Streete
Stewardship Officer