Christ Church Cathedral Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden is available for the interment of ashes for those of any denomination.
Currently the interment fee is $1925 (inclusive of GST) and this is payable at the time of the making a reservation.

Christ Church Cathedral is a place where the people of Newcastle have gathered to worship, to celebrate and to grieve since the very first European settlement of the area.

Conceived by award winning landscape designer Darren Shearer, the Memorial Garden is a place for contemplation, peace and remembrance.
Ashes are placed in the garden at a service of interment conducted by a member of the clergy. A permanent record of interment is made and kept in the Cathedral records. Your certificate will be your record of this.

Names of those whose ashes are interred in the garden will be recorded in a Book of Remembrance displayed in the Cathedral and those names will be remembered each year in daily services.

An additional record will be kept through the Christ Church Cathedral Memorial Garden web page on the Cathedral website. If the family desires, the biographical details of those whose ashes are placed in the garden may be added to the website.

List of Those Whose Ashes Have Been Interred in the Garden

If you would like more information, please contact the Cathedral Office
Telephone: 02 4929 2052
Postal Address: PO Box 221 Newcastle 2300

Download the Memorial Garden Request Form