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Cathedral office phone temporarily off-line

The Cathedral office has been connected to the NBN and Telstra has advised that the office phone 4929 2052 will be be ‘out of action’ for the next few days. We expect the phone to be reconnected by Monday 8th July. In the meantime please use email to contact the Cathedral office.
update: as of 23 July phones still not fixed. Please continue to use email to contact Cathedral office.

Holy Week, Easter and ANZAC Commemoration 2018

SUNDAY 25 March – Passion Sunday of the Palms
7.00am Eucharist

8.00am Eucharist with Liturgy of the Palms

10.00am Choral Eucharist with Liturgy of the Palms

6.00pm Choral Evening Prayer

WEDNESDAY 28 March – Wednesday in Holy Week
Chrism Eucharist
      9.30am Arrival with Tea/Coffee
      10.00am Clergy reflections on Ministry today
      11.00am Tea/Coffee
      11.45am Eucharist
7.00pm Tenebrae Liturgy

THURSDAY 29 March – Maundy Thursday
7.30pm Liturgy of the Lord’s Supper
and watch of the Passion until 11pm

FRIDAY 30 March – Good Friday
8.00am  Morning Prayer and Litany
10.00am Children’s Service
12noon Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion
6.00pm Taizé Service – Prayers around the Cross

SATURDAY 31 March – Holy Saturday
7.00pm Easter Vigil Liturgy with Baptism & Confirmation

SUNDAY 1 April – Easter Sunday
7.00am Eucharist
8.00am Sung Eucharist with Baptism & Confirmation
10.00am Orchestral Eucharist
6.00pm Festal Evensong

SUNDAY 22 April
7.00am Eucharist
8.00am Eucharist
9.30am Eucharist
6.00pm ANZAC Commemoration – Sung Evensong